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Providing the absolute best

I am a sponge when it comes to learning new information. The best way I can provide the highest level of products is by constantly improving and challenging myself to find and incorporate smarter and more efficient ways to ensure every microgreen is of the highest quality. Appearance, taste, nutritional value and quality are the foundation of my learning and cement every small detail from seed to harvest. I must master each of these attributes in order to satisfy the highest level of commitment I pledge to you, my customer.

One set of hands

The difference from having produce that has been sitting on the shelf and handled by a variety of people compared to freshly harvested is unmatched. I harvest it, I deliver it straight to your door. The tastiest, most nutritious and safest way to get your greens.

Taking a stand for the process

I grow indoors in a controlled environment with strenuous sanitary practices. I do not use pesticides, I use a sustainably resourced growing medium (Coco Coir) with added nutrients, organic seeds and establish quality produce with controls set in place to mitigate any detrimental factors (Fans to prevent mold, humidifier to asses humidity).

Money, Money, Money

Why do I have to pay more for healthy greens when it is cold out? ( Which is most of the year). My prices do not fluctuate seasonally. What an absolute wonder it is to substitute microgreens for fully grown vegetables. Microgreens are exceedingly more nutritious, just as versatile in cooking and preparing if not more and can be grown year-round sustainably. It is hard to eat healthy and so easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits. I have to change that. Put it all on me and see the difference it can make in your and your families lives. 

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